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Our dynamic, approachable and diverse team of experienced investment professional’s works collectively to address the individual goals of each client.

From the start, we collaborate with our clients on a personalized investment policy statement, which summarizes a client’s objectives, risk tolerance and strategies and serves as our mutual guide.

Communications are recurring, transparent and interactive. In addition to meetings, e-mails and phone calls, clients receive a regularly updated roadmap that complements the investment policy statement, tracking objectives and milestones, and reflecting Alcott Capital Management’s future commitments and accountability to each client. Clients also have real-time online access to comprehensive reporting, and receive monthly custodial statements and quarterly supplemental packages detailing account-level portfolio returns. All of this is provided through the Scott Trade Advisor Platform.

Depending upon a client’s needs, we include each client’s existing advisors (e.g., estate and tax) in our dialogue or make recommendations from our network of trusted professionals.

Credibility Factor
Our team has deep research and portfolio management expertise in implementing a transparent and repeatable institutional investment discipline. It comprises of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Chartered Investment Counselor (CIC) designations.


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